The Great Harrappan civilization!

Indus valley civilization was very great civilization in the world .

When we think about the civilization of ancient World this civilization was very great in the art and Architecture

and also so ahead in the science and technology as compared to Others civilization in the world .

Harrappan civilization people invented Burnt Bricks and Cotton Cloth firstly in the world.

Systematic Construction of Harrappan City is the good example of ancient World highly developed city .That city was very advanced .

The great Bath house of harrappan civilization was really great and amazing in the Construction this bathhouse was well in the construction the art and architecture

Great Bath house

*Town Planning and Structure :-

The Harrappan civilization was distinguished by its system of town planning both harappa and Mohenjo-daro had a Citadel and acropolis,and this was

Possibly Ocupied by members of the ruling class.

The very remarkable thing in this city was it’s townplaning and art architecture of this city was very amazing!

They followed a grid system, systematic planing structure of roads and structure of houses was very great!

The most public and Beatiful structure of Mohenjodaro was it’s great Bath house.

The tank that situated in the citadel mound and is a fine example of beautiful brickswork.

Water was drawn from a largest well in an adjacent room.

The use of burnt bricks in the harrappan city is remarkable, because in the contemporary in the Egypt dried bricks !

In Mohenjodaro the largest building was granary.

The drainage system of Mohenjodaro was very remarkable

*Agricultural System :

The Indus region is not fertile today but the prosperous villages and towns of the past testify that it was fertile in the ancient times. Todays rainfall is very less near about 15cm,in the 4th century B. C.

One of the historian Elexander informs us,that Sindh was a fertile part of the India.

the Indus region had more natural vegetation

The Nile river of Egypt fed Large people at that time Indus river created Sindh and fed it’s people.

The harrappan people probably used Wooden plough that drawn by Oxen

The Indus people sowed seeds in the flood plain in November.

The harappan Villages were Systematic and very beautiful and well planned situated at the flood plains.

Stone sickles may have been used for harvesting the crop .

Gabarband or nalas enclosed by dams for storing water and the Indus people produced wheat barley ,rai, peas, and the like. Sesamom and mustard were grown .

Food grains were stored in the huge granaries in both Mohenjodaro and Harappa.

The Indus valley people were the earliest people to produce cotton and because of this ,The Greeks called the area seldon which is derived from Sindh.

*Domestication Of Animals :-

The harrappan people practiced agriculture ,animals were raised on a large scale .Oxen,baffelloes,goats,Sheeps, and pigs were domesticated Humped bulles were favoured the harappan.,

There is many evidence of dogs ases and camels

Oxen bafelloes,goates,Sheeps, and pigs were domesticated.

Humped bulls were favoured by harrappan people ,there is evidence of dogs and cats from the outset.

*Science technology and Crapt :-

The Indus valley civilization peoples economy was agricultural Economy

The making of bronze tools ,the people of Harappen used many bronze tools and implements of stone.

Ordinarily bronz was made by Smith by mixing tin with Copper.

They produced not only images and utensils but also various tools and weapons such as axes saws knives and spears .

They were used burnt bricks in there construction of houses .

Huge bricks structures suggest that brick laying was an important craft .

The harrappan people also Practiced boat making ,seal making and teracotta manufacturing were also important.

The gold smith mad jwelaries of silver ,gold and precious stones ,The first two material may have been often from Afghanistan and last from south India .

the harrappan were also expert bead maker’s ,the harrappan people also produced beautiful and glossy, gleaming


*Trade and Commerce :-

The important of trade in the life of the indus
People supported not only by graneries at harappa
the harappens conducted considerable trade in
Stone ,metal shell etc.
They didnot use metal money and in all probability they carried exchange through a barter system.